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Obama, Yes, I Can

"Obama, Yes, I Can" pumpkin by Jamie Striplin, Arvada, Colorado

My friends and I were carving pumpkins last night and I was having a hard time deciding what to carve on mine when it hit me... I should do Obama's face! I decided to search out the internet for a picture of him all the while my friends and husband teasing me that it would be too challenging for me to carve because I was not the best pumpkin carver. This only encouraged me to do a better job than I had ever done on a pumpkin carving. When I had finished with the pumpkin after 2 hours of meticulous carving my friends were amazed as was I. This pumpkin signifies to me everything Obama is going through with his campaign. Hard work, but well worth it because it is and will be an amazing outcome!


Obama Pumpkin

"Obama Pumpkin" by Anthony Ramirez

Done in a little over two hours with sculpting tools, an x-acto knife, and a WHOLE LOT OF PATIENCE!!!



"Obamakin" by Anonymous



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Barack O'lantern

"Barack O'lantern" pumpkin by Carmen Mercer, Spokane, WA



"THE Man" pumpkin by Mannie Liscum, Columbia, MO

I spend a lot of time carving pumpkins during the Halloween
season and given the big general election I decided to carve a likeness of the candidate I am supporting in the BIG race.  The pattern used was generated from a hi-res image I found in a web search and then manipulated via Photoshop to get a three tone stencil.  My process and other pumpkin pictures can be found at my Pumpkin Art webpage:



"Hope" pumpkin by Maddy DuMont



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